Charity; A Universal Virtue
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Charity; A Universal Virtue

Charity; A Universal Virtue

Charity is not a new trend or emerging concept. It has existed in human nature since the first day of creation. Man has always tried to help his fellow human beings. The world is full of suffering, but it is simultaneously full of honorable people whose minds revolve around helping people in need.

Charities had a religious form until the middle of the eighteenth century. Various religions have advised their followers to be benefactors. Often wealthy people were the ones who provided cash and non-cash donations.

In the present age, charitable and humanitarian activities have become a cultural practice and many organizations and institutions have been founded for this purpose. Charities function towards the welfare of the societies and their main and fundamental goal is to build a better world.


Functions of charitable organizations

The charities consider a range of activities or some of non-profit organizations carry out one particular activity. For instance:

  • Providing medical expenses and care and support
  • Providing alternative therapies for disabilities
  • Raising mental health awareness in society
  • Providing monthly salaries for needy families
  • Funding for orphaned or abused children
  • Providing tuition fees for children
  • Providing sheltered housing
  • Providing interest-free loans for those in need
  • Helping the disabled and the elderly

Helping people in unexpected disasters such as floods, earthquakes and emergency situations are some other tasks and activities that charities may perform.

The activities of the charitable organizations and their impacts on the community

Many benefactors intend to help people in need but they do not have access to them. Charitable organizations are platforms that bridge philanthropists and those in need. Many problems in the society can be redressed thanks to the existence of charities. In addition, when there are such foundations to help those in need, everyone will face their problems with more hope and motivation.


Charities income resources

In addition to cash and non-cash donations, charities try to find new revenue sources in a variety of ways to be able to provide help and support more people.

Conferences, using the digital and virtual media and selling handmade products, making public campaigns, and creative events are some examples.

Charity in Iran

In one of its recent surveys (June 2019), the Gallup Poll Company surveyed the extent of generosity and social participation of people around the world in charitable activities. Contrary to a general consensus, many think that people in rich countries have the highest cash donations to charities, the statistics indicate exactly the opposite.

According to the study findings, Iranians are ranked 29th out of 146 countries in the world in terms of charity and generosity and social participation in charitable activities, with 45 points (compared to the first ranked country with 59 points). The most important parameter in this survey was the number of benefactors in a society.

On average, more than four out of ten people have applied to participate in charitable activities such as cash or non-cash donations, providing direct assistance to people in need, and charity for sos survivors in Iran.

Also, according to the conclusions of the authors of this report, religious values and beliefs had a significant impact on the development, deepening, and persistence of this generosity characteristic among volunteers, so that economic problems and social change could not cause much change in statistics in the long run.

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