Rehabilitation services

Bachehaye Aseman Institute Rehabilitation Unit offers five sections: 1-Occupational Therapy 2-Speech Therapy 3-Psychology 4-Social work 5-Physiotherapy

1.Occupational Therapy

The institute has one Occupational Therapist for every 50 children. Children are divided into three groups: Children in need of physical Occupational Therapy. Children in need of mental Occupational Therapy and children in need of both services. In this unit, at first, the children are evaluated for their ability and then, with the presentation of a rehabilitation program, they begin their work with occupational therapists. Kids learn life skills through play therapy and learn daily life activities such as how to grab a spoon, fork, brush, closing button and zipper, wear and Remove their clothes, shoes and so on. Occupational therapist uses rehabilitation tools such as walking assistance to improve the physical status of the children. As a child named Saeed, who was admitted to Bachehaye Aseman Center for physical and mental problems, is now able to walk and play like his friends with the help of the Institute's therapists. At Bachehaye Aseman Sanatorium, a general practitioner visits a child daily and a neurologist each month. The general practitioner carries out initial pharmacological and therapeutic acts and in the event of an emergency refers the child to a hospital or specialist clinic.

2.Speech therapy

Children who have problems with communication, speech, swallowing and breathing are evaluated in this section by professional speech therapists and after necessary evaluations on functional and structural features of the oral area, senses, visual, auditory and behavioral disorders, the therapists begin to heal them. So far at Bachehaye Aseman Center 1, good things have happened to 25 children, and with the Institute's Speech Therapy’s help, 25 kids have been able to eat mixed (milled) food in the normal way (Not mixed food). A number of children also use daily off-site rehabilitation services.


In the psychology unit, children are evaluated intellectually and psychologically. Some of these evaluations are made by related tests and others by observations. The center diagnoses behavioral disabilities and the child is referred to a neurologist or reported to the educational care unit for communication with the disabled.

4.Social work

This unit deals with social files to access children's families whenever possible. All of these children are provided with identity documents, new personnel photos, health insurance booklets and bank accounts. The rehabilitation team has been able to train three of Bacheh-haye Aseman [the children of heaven] 1 Sanatorium children to enter the community, and these children have been enrolled in special schools since 2018 to continue their education.


According to the physiotherapy equipment provided at the center, a scheduled rehabilitation program is provided to the needs of each child according to their needs.


A section of the rehabilitation department includes arts and sports which educable children are evaluated and trained by arts and sports instructors. In this unit activities such as painting, needlepoint, pottery, etc. are taught to children. Also, if the child is able to exercise, he/she will be trained with the trainer three days a week, stretching and exercising. The children will make significant progress with a team consisting of occupational therapists, physiotherapists and sports coaches.