Medical services

1.Nursing unit

At Bachehaye Aseman's Nursery Unit 1, two nurses work shifts. These nurses each have a duty to provide children with medication according to their medication codex at different times of the day, to monitor their vital signs on a daily basis, to assess their health and to report their medical records. They also have the task of checking the internal drugstore for the availability of the medicine needed for the children and reporting the medication deficiencies. In this unit, children files, medicines, nursing and medical equipment are kept.


At Bachehaye Aseman's Sanatorium, a general practitioner visits children daily and a neurologist each month. The general practitioner carries out initial medical and therapeutic measures and, in case of emergency, acts on sending a child to a hospital or specialist clinic.


The dental unit has been in existence since the establishment of the institute because when a child needs a dentist he/she has many difficulties due to the specific circumstances of his/her disability and medical records and even checking in many private dental offices and dental centers it is difficult. For this reason, Bacheh-haye Aseman [the children of heaven] Institute is working to provide dental services to these children with the help of public donors by providing dental units for children and adults in Fasham Sanatorium (Bachehaye Aseman 2) and Jordan Sanatorium (Bachehaye Aseman 1).