Introduction and History

"Bachehaye Aseman institute" is the name of a child care and rehabilitation center for the physically and mentally handicapped. Most of the children in this center are deprived of family for various reasons, each coming from a different world but all under one common roof above their heads they spend the day and night.
Simply put, Bacheh-haye Aseman [the children of heaven] institute" is the name of a home. A home that carries the meaning of life for this children, and motherly and fatherly people with their open arms try their best to compensate deprivation of these innocent children.
The story of the creation of “Bacheh-haye Aseman [the children of heaven] Charity" comes from the fact that Mr. Valiollah Naqabi had a son, Kamran, who had a physical disability and was the apple of eyes of his parents. Once Mr. Valiollah Naqabi and his son were on the road, the car broke down and Mr. Valiollah puts Kamran under a tree near the car to repair the car so as not to disturb Kamran.
When he was done with his repair, he was faced with a painful scene. Kamran had been bullied and almost abused by several children and was being called crazy. This incident caused Kamran to run away from people forever and for the rest of his life, he refused to see anyone other than his parents and his doctor. After Kamran's death, his mother died shortly after from the child's loss.
After the death of Kamran and his mother, Mr. Valiollah, decided to dedicate the inheritance of Kamran's mother to the of Quds Razavi, but given the lack of space for supporting, protection of dignity of the disabled, he decided to dedicate the money for this purpose. And this was the start of Bacheh-haye Aseman [the children of heaven] Charity Foundation.
Twenty years have passed since the first day of the establishment of this Charity and today 400 children spend their days and nights in three dedicated sanatoriums with help of professional social workers.
The institute has three sanatoriums. One in Fasham (the villa that Kamran lived while he was alive) for boys over 14 years old with around 200 children. Second, a girls' sanatorium for over 4 years old with about 100 girls (located on Jordan Ave.) and third, a neuropsychiatric clinic located in Mehrshahr of Karaj whom most of these children are homeless.
In fact, in the form of a nongovernmental-nonprofit organization, and with the precious aim of altruism, Bacheh-haye Aseman [the children of heaven] Charity is a 400-member family along with 150 staff who support their people on a 24/7 basis with all their daily expenses including feeding, caring, supporting and treatment of individuals.