Care services

Kitchen unit

This unit serves three meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and two snacks on a daily basis for children. These children usually have no dietary restrictions and only eat their meals in a regular and mixed manner. Children who do not have swallowing ability, eat the same food mixed and children with swallowing ability tend to eat food and yogurt normally. The children's nutrition plan is set monthly by a nutritionist and supervised by an expert. The height and weight of the children are checked each season to avoid overweight or weight loss.

Laundry unit

In this unit, 80 clothes, sheets, blankets and pillows are washed and disinfected daily and delivered to each section. This unit consists of appliances such as washing machine, Industrial basin, industrial dryer, etc.

Care and support unit

In this section, mother-like and father-like volunteers just like real mothers and fathers are present 24/7 at shifts with the children. All of this care, such as feeding, changing diapers, taking baths, and cleaning them all are with this department. This section, as a mother takes care of her child at home, even also educationally, does the same in this sanatorium.