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Thank you for your interest in Bacheh-haye Aseman Institute and for your willingness to join the volunteer group, we hope you have the opportunity to work with this Institute.
Terms and conditions:
1) At least 18 years of age
2) Resident of Tehran
3) Observing the rules and frameworks of the institute

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Money Pot

The institution's money pot unit has been around for many years and has been traditionally donated and received by Benefactors, but has been operating as an independent unit since early 2017. Aside from raising funds to meet the needs of children, Bacheh-haye Aseman [the children of heaven] money pot is a constant promotion of the institute, and has a way of encouraging altruism.

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Online Payment

With the launch of the Benefactors Portal and the various departments, you can now track all of your affairs from A to Z on the Benefactors Portal and view the full report of the performance of your remittance payments.

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Funeral Banners & Stands And Flower Baskets

Choosing Funeral banners & stands and flower baskets made in Bacheh-haye Aseman [the children of heaven] institute to comfort your loved ones (under your own name) and contribute to the handicapped. If you would like to order Funeral banners & stands and flower baskets, call +9821-43613.

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Services Bacheh-haye Aseman

Medical Services

At Heaven's Children Charity, medical, dental and oral care, nursing and all high quality nursing services are provided on a client basis. You can click here for more information Click Here

Rehabilitation Services

At Sky Children's Charity, these services are divided into three sections: Psychology, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy, each run by specialist assistants. For more information Click Here

Support Services

Support at Heaven's Kids Charity is done in two ways: by attracting public participation and helping. For more information Click Here

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About charity Bacheh-haye Aseman

Charity Hospice has been providing services to physically and mentally handicapped children and elderly patients under the name of Sky Children of Kamran since 1999 with registration number 15280 as a non-profit non-profit organization.

The institute operates in four divisions of girls under 14, boys over 14, in the adult (elderly) section and the Andarzgow Public Partnership Bureau. And since most of the institute's costs such as food, medicine, consumables, etc. are funded through public donations, the institute needs your support and support, dear benefactors.

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Think about The Bacheh-haye Aseman

We can do this humanitarian duty with co-operation and empathy...
It is not too late to become a member of the big family of Heaven's children and to share through our charity portal.
We are waiting for your beating hearts.

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